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Holdtrade Atlántico

A freight train operator that will provide cargo transportation services over a distance of 767km in a recently rehabilitated railway line in Colombia

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HOLDTRADE ATLÁNTICO has the vision of becoming the first freight railway company in Colombia, convinced that a harmonised approach among the different sectors of the economy is the only way to achieve wealth creation, within a framework of social responsibility and strict compliance of the law. In the development of this premise, the rail freight operation will be carried out in a complementary manner with other modes of transport, benefiting shareholders, investors, suppliers, employees, customers and the community in general, contributing to the country's competitiveness.

The role of HOLDTRADE ATLÁNTICO is that of Train Operator. This is completely independent of the other roles of the railway industry, namely, the Infrastructure Manager, in Holdtrade Atlántico’s case, the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) who owns the track on behalf of the Government and the Transload Facilities Operators, in the businesses case the owner of the Transload facility in la Dorada and the Port of Santa Marta. The roles of the railway industry are detailed in the following figure.

HOLDTRADE ATLÁNTICO’S team will bring to operations international best practice, customer-focused service and its experience from providing profitable train operations in North America and Europe. This all combined with a clear knowledge of the Colombian logistics market.

The 767km (468 miles) long government owned railway track where the operations will take place has been refurbished by the Colombian government, with a recent investment of USD $70m, to allow the restart of services after 20 years of disuse (which means the company does not need to invest or look after the track only pay a toll when it uses it). 

The company has track access contracts in place with a duration that matches the associated track concession and administration contracts to allow the provision of its operations over the main transportation axis of Colombia where 90% of the GDP is generated. The company’s second biggest shareholder is the country’s biggest logistics company, OPL, which transports over 4.0 million tons of cargo per year, as a result the cargo demand for the train is guaranteed.

The company will develop its project in four phases. In its last phase it estimates reaching USD $139m in revenue. The total CAPEX of the project are around USD $107m.  

The first phase of the project requires USD $5.1m equity investment out of a total of USD $41m.

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  • Sector: Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Region: UK: London
  • Stage: Other
  • Eligible Tax: Not Applicable
  • Board Requirement: Will consider further board appointments
  • Pre Money Valuation: $8,742,857
  • Share Price: $0.01
  • Originator: Envestors
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Lead Investor

Opl temporal



“Our investment in Holdtrade Atlantico was strategic for OPL, rail transportation complements our portfolio and has been part of our vision for transportation in Colombia, we need companies who believe in a more competitive way to move the cargo from or to the ports, this means combining the existing infrastructure in the country (Rail , River and Land). OPL is a company leader in integrated logistics services, this project has all the synergies to manage the cargo of our customers from our offices located in the main cities and ports of Colombia. This project involves not only an improvement in the costs of the logistic but also brings development to the people and to the regions where the transfer points for the cargo will be placed".


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